Pointing Process

Pointing is the mortar infill between the masonry. It is the primary weatherproofing in a masonry building, and is very important to the structural integrity of the building. After surveying the brickwork /stonework we can advise which method is best suited to the job. We can undertake partial or total re-pointing i.e. patch pointing (redoing the missing bits) or whole scale re-pointing of the entire facade. Pointing styles and colour vary according to individual client taste, but we recommend the smallest, most unobtrusive joint so as to emphasise the brickwork.

Sand Blasting
The exterior fabric of buildings can be transformed using sand blasting methods. Whether it is used to clean off years of accumulated grime, or years of paint coatings, the final result brings buildings back to their former glory. Refurbishment projects can benefit greatly from a clean, unpainted facade, or from having old and new masonry ‘blended’ to create a uniform finish. We offer a sample blast to a test patch to initially agree the standard of finish achievable.

Chemical Cleaning
Chemical cleaning is an effective method of removing dirt and staining that has deposited on brickwork. North West Pointing have extensive experience in this application, which involves cleaning the dirty brickwork without damaging the brick itself, or pointing between bricks. After suitable preparation (sheeting windows, etc) we apply specially formulated chemical brick cleaner to the surface, and this is thoroughly worked in and rinsed off. The end result will be to reveal the original colour and texture of the brick face.

On completion of any cleaning work we can silicone seal (Waterproof sealant) the brick/stone to prevent the absorption of water and delay the return of moss and dirt.